The Day of the Jackhole

The Day of the Jackhole

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1996. Honk if you’re stupid.

September 19, 2011

As I approach my trusty Subaru, I can tell something’s wrong. The door is wide open. I didn’t leave it open last night when I got home from work. And yet, there it is. Open. I slide in the driver’s seat. It seems fine.

Oh, wait, I think, as I slip the key into the ignition. The shitty stereo is gone. And now I’m laughing. I’m laughing at you, thief! That thing was a piece of… I look at the key. What’s that?

Some asshole has broken off the indicator lever, and the wipers lever. I have no levers. The hazzard light knob is gone.

This is irritating.

That shitty stereo musta really made someone angry.

Later, I go to a wrecker’s yard and get some spare parts and feel very superior as I skimp on getting a professional to do this and attach the console parts myself. A little wiring and I’m golden. Yeah, girl power!

I turn the key. The horn starts blaring immediately. When I hit the indicator lever, the wipers come on. I look at it again. Which wire… what did I…? Is this the wrong…? This guy said the ’75 console would work on the ’76 model. What the hell?

Grumbling, I drive to a garage. It’s not the first time in my life a conversation with a mechanic starts with: “I’ve done something stupid.”


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