The Day of the Jackhole

The Day of the Jackhole

Celebrating 40 years on this earth

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1997. Hit by blind man.

September 18, 2011

I pull out of the Canberra Times parking lot on my bike. Turn right. There’s a small bit of sidewalk that I ride on for half a block before heading out onto the road to tussle with traffic. Down the road I go. And now I am flying. Literally. Through the air. Without my bike.

My hands are out to break my fall. I land heavily on my left hip mostly, and lie there.

I am incapable of speech. I cannot move. I have been hit by a blind man. And by that I mean a guy who sells and installs blinds. He’s just reversed out of an alley between two buildings and hit me.

And now he is beside me.

“Are you ok?”

I am lying on my front. Face in the dirt. I cannot feel my hip. I cannot speak. It’s not because I’ve hit my head or anything. Not at all, in fact. It’s just that I’m hurting quite a bit. Like this unplanned flight and sudden fall to earth has knocked the words right out of me. Just give me a minute to collect myself.

And then I move.

I sit up.

There’s not a lot of conversation.

Suddenly, David is there. I work with David.

He helps me wheel the bike across the street to his car.

“I was just driving along and out of the corner of my eye, I saw this thing flying through the air,” he says. “And when I looked over, I said ‘that’s Janeen!'”

We laugh and I limp to the passenger side as he throws the bikeĀ in the back of his car. While I’m standing there, my phone rings. It’s the Sports editor, asking me how to use the fax machine in the library.

“Can you ask someone else? I’ve just been hit by a car.”

I hang up. David drives me to the doctors.

I still have the bike. It's back on the farm, living an easy life.


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