The Day of the Jackhole

The Day of the Jackhole

Celebrating 40 years on this earth

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2011. My ride. My rules.

September 1, 2011

1. Run towards the FAIL.

Be afraid to fail. Be very afraid. Then do it anyway. The only way I learn stuff is to truly screw it up. And I screw A LOT of things up.

2. Be Curious

Don’t be afraid to ask a question. How does that work? I don’t understand, can you explain it? Beautiful concepts are hidden behind the inability to ask a question because of a childish fear that you’ll look dumb.

3. Love something. Love the shit out of it.

I’m not talking about people—though you should love them too—I’m talking about something that consumes your passion. Love it with your whole heart. Comics. Art. Bikes. Whatever. Discover it for yourself, then love it like you mean it. Sometimes it will be the only thing you have to get you through the day. If people judge you, tell ’em to stick it.

4. Don’t be so judgey.

This ties in with the FAIL thing a bit. People don’t set out to make shit. Sometimes it just turns out that way. So even if you hate it, recognize that someone made something and they put it out there. To mangle a Tibor quote: If no one hates it, no one loves it either.

5. Tell people that you love them

Speaking of love, stop taking it for granted. Tell people you love them. Not random strangers, but the ones who mean something to you. Not just family, but friends too.

6. Question everything.

Call bullshit on things. Get your information from more than one source. Do not blindly believe everything. And stop watching shitty tv that exists to make you dumber. There’s good, intelligent tv. Watch that instead. Better yet, read a book. What is it John Waters says: “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ’em!”

7. My ride. My rules.

Everyone has an opinion. There is no shortage of people ready to tell you you’re doing it wrong. Listen. Listen politely. Recognize when they’re right, and be polite when you don’t agree. Then do what you will do. This is your journey. Make your own decisions.

8. Be awesome.

I’m going to end with this because it should just be the uber-goal. Be awesome. And you can’t just go around SAYING you’re awesome. You have to BE awesome. Help friends move, open doors, have human conversations with your human servers. Tip well. Don’t be a dick. Be EXCELLENT. And keep that ego in check, you awesome, humble human being!

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Happy Birthday!
You are Awesome!
Even more awesome when you get that friggin book done!!!

Ron Bloomquist

November 16, 2011

Thanks for pointing the path. Thanks for being. You know what? You’re inspiring. That’s what being awesome really is about, I guess.


November 16, 2011